Carports Q & A


What size carport do I need if I want to use it for two cars?

The ideal size for two vehicles is 24' wide. That allows plenty of room to open doors and move around the vehicles.

Does my site need to be level?

As level as possible. The legs can be adjusted a few inches.

Why do Florida carports cost more?

Florida has stricter wind load requirements. We have to install carports that have been certified to stand up to a 150 MPH wind. This includes high wind tie downs on each corner and additional bracing. We are licensed to install carports in Florida. If you are considering the purchase of a carport and you live in Florida, make sure your installer is licensed for Florida.

What is schedule for installation?

After your order your carport, our scheduling department will call you to set your installation appointment. We normally stay in a 4 - 6 week time period.

What size RV cover do I need?

Call us and give us your make and model including dimensions and we will determine the best size RV cover for you. RVs can get a lot of damage due to the sun in this part of the country.

Can you enclose my carport at a later date?

Yes, but it will cost more to do it that way since we would have to come back.

Can you install my carport on existing concrete?

Yes. Concrete anchors are included in the price.