Quality Portable Buildings

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Our Portable Buildings are built locally in Opp Alabama and are superior in construction to most other Portable Buildings. Once you compare you will see the StorAll difference! All of our Portable Buildings come standard with two windows, a 48' door, 7' sidewalls, 3/4" house style flooring, 2x4 yellow pine studs on 24" centers on the walls, 2x6 treated floor joist on 24" centers.

We can custom build your portable building for your needs.

Our Portables are maintenance free and start as low as $59 per month rent-to-own. We have three options for payment: Purchase outright, rent-to-own, finance with a local finance company. Our prices are very competive and often less than other Portable Building manufacturers even though we have a better constructed building.

We provide everything you need for the initial set-up and delivery is FREE. We include concrete blocks and leveling in our pricing. There are no hidden fees and nothing for you to purchase to get ready. Our buildings are designed to be maintenance and worry free.

What to Look for in a Portable Building - StorAll Buildings are Different From the Rest!

There are several differences in the construction of our buildings from other Portable Building manufacturers.

Our electrical wiring (optional) is built in for a more finished look. And, this makes it easier to do additional finishing work to your portable. No one wants to see ugly conduit!

portable building
portable building

StorAll's Portable Buildings have door jam protection and steel doors.

portable building

Our buildings have a top plate and home style construction with rafters and studs separate.
This top plate adds to the overall strength of the building.

portable building
portable building

Our corners are reinforced so that the building can be moved with no damage.

portable building

Color Chart for Portable Buildings